One history started for a humble beginning in the early 1996 and was known as T and Teh Transportation Service at that time. It was started with a very small number of staff and trucks.

In 2001, the company went into partnership to increase overall business. At the same time, the company has grown substantially in size and revenue.

Today, TT Transportation and Logistics Pte Ltd had rapidly expanded to sustainable size.
From the size of 1000sft to 5000sft of warehouse space, which we are situated in our new premises located in Bukit Batok.

1996 - T and Teh Transportation Services have started the business for 5 years.

- November 17th, T & Teh Transportation Services Company has incorporated into Private Limited and was thereafter name TT Transportation and Logistic Pte Ltd. It was incorporated as the company manages to secure a major customer, Exel Singapore. At the same time, TT achieved their 1st project with HP operations and Maxtor Technology.

2002 - After incorporated, the company increased their resources on vehicles and staffs.
During the mid of the year, TT manage to secure another major customer, which we provide transportation to distribute dry ice to local customers and all airfreight catering centres.

2004 - Beginning of the year was awarded ISO 9001:2000
Due to customer expanding their operation, TT’s project has similarly expanded.

2005 - A Member of STA (Singapore Transport Association).

2006 - Member of Singapore Chinese Chamber Commence & Industry.

2007 - Member of Singapore Logistics Association and manage to secure a new major customer, dealing with recycle food waste. This is a company that government recommends as they are a recycle food waste company. The trucks that we provide are specifically made and must undergo inspection by NEA (National Environment Authority)

2008 - Was awarded OHSAS 18001

2010 - Achieved BizSAFE Level 2, conducted by MOM